While coworking spaces are now commonplace in most major cities around the globe, their potential to transform suburban communities and give access to rural creatives is yet untapped. A strong startup ecosystem gives people with vision the support, connections, and networks they need to turn great ideas into flourishing, scalable businesses. Relationships with real people matter; and beautifully, intentionally-designed space will foster that.

Our design team was tasked with creating an atmosphere that captured the essence of great coworking spaces in New York City which re-used buildings and warehouses from the turn of the century. The challenge of creating that character in a new construction project that was not forced but honest in its design approach. Open and light with exposed columns, open-to-structure ceilings, along with light wood floors, white walls, and large black framed windows provide a timeless neutral canvas.

A few modern touches in building materials and color provide moments of surprise along the way. The ceiling statement at the entry mimics the network of lines present in the Vibe logo, while color blocked conference rooms, and graphics respond to a desired energy level for each room. The design maximizes the building’s tall and expansive windows to give as many users views of the greenbelt and surrounding treetops to help combat the grey winter days. The design also allows great lighting throughout the day, without being harsh or causing glare. Operable windows on three sides allow members to enjoy passive cooling and fresh breezes.

“This project is the ultimate example of what happens when bright and creative minds are given the opportunity to fully unleash their potential. The design team understood our vision, putting it into physical form for a truly exceptional user experience. Every minute detail has been thoughtfully and intentionally crafted.”
– Alanna Imbach, Co-founder