Olympic Peninsula Kidney Center

Kidney dialysis can be a life-changing and life-saving treatment. Perhaps an inconvenient necessity at first, over time it becomes a lifeline for an entire community of patients. Our responsibility as designers is to create an environment that nurtures both patient and staff in a setting that provides calm reassurance that one’s needs are being met.

The Olympic Peninsula Kidney Center is in what was an abandoned retail environment, easily accessible by their patient population in Port Orchard, Washington.

The welcoming lobby of this new dialysis center promotes Olympic Peninsula Kidney Center’s mission to improve the lives of people affected by kidney disease. Designed to reflect the attributes of the Pacific Northwest in a healing environment, the center incorporates bright colors throughout its 10,782 SF.  Stylized mountain and forest scenes are depicted on super graphics, applied to windows for privacy from passing pedestrians, and treatment room walls to aide in respite and comfort. In addition to treatment space, the center features office, meeting and training areas.