Lacey Fire Station 34

Rice Fergus Miller’s Fire and Emergency Services team worked diligently with Lacey Fire District 3 to design their new 14,500 square foot station to replace their aging station located on the adjacent site. This station has areas dedicated to both the local community and Lacey Fire District 3. The community is invited in through a public plaza, a covered entry, lobby space into a conference room. It was important to Lacey Fire District 3 to be good neighbors. With their site being adjacent to a residential community, extra considerations were discussed and implemented in the design process. Some of these items included building up the site directly adjacent to residences with a berm and installing aesthetically pleasing fencing to provide visual privacy between the fire station and the adjacent residences.

When considering the function of this fire station we are tasked with creating an inviting and comfortable space for the public and within the living quarters for its occupants. This fire station consists of 9 sleep rooms, a kitchen with ample storage, outdoor dining and patio space, and fitness with roll-up door access to the exterior. Windows were added in both the Watch Office and Kitchen areas to provide daylight and visual access for monitoring their exterior surroundings. The apparatus bay has two single deep bays and two double deep bays, with plywood wall protection throughout and hand wash sinks at each door to the living spaces. In addition to the hand wash sinks, a boot wash alcove was designed for improved cleaning abilities as well as a decontamination room with custom stainless steel storage with integral sinks. Attached to the bays are support spaces and a mezzanine for storage and training opportunities.

Designing Station 34, it was important to find a balance between durability and aesthetic. RFM selected products that are easy for the crews to clean and maintain and will perform around the clock.