Perceived as a foundational element of integrated, multidisciplinary care, many hospitals are investing in Hybrid Operating Rooms.  The dual functionality of a traditional operating room and cardiac catheter lab necessitate a sterile environment, respond to the growth in high risk catheter cases and accommodate surgeon’s desire for flexibility in an operating room.  Rice Fergus Miller has designed the only Hybrid OR West of the Puget Sound.  We combined two existing operating rooms into one 1,500 square foot Hybrid OR.  The location allows the clinicians and surgeons to access and supply the room from the existing clean core and results in little to no change in patient and staff flow.   To expedite and facilitate design decision making, a full scale mock-up pf the OR was developed at the Rice Fergus Miller office to help surgeons and clinicians identify the best location for the C-Arm, control room, equipment room, and storage.