Duvall Fire Station 167

With the constraints of wetland buffers, a DNR easement, a seismic fault line, terrible soil, 50’ of fall across the property, and poor sight lines at the roadway, the site provided nothing but difficulties. Despite all the creative thinking, the district’s 5-acre parcel yielded less than a half-acre of buildable area. Consequently, Duvall Fire and Rice Fergus Miller moved forward on an alternative site that yielded the same station plan at a much lower and more affordable price.

Fire Station 167 is designed per the Duvall Fire Department direction of wanting to “fit in” and blend with the surrounding rural residential neighborhood. Rice Fergus Miller worked closely with the fire district to provide a contrasting, easily-identifiable, secured public entry. This fire station will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide enhanced emergency service to the surrounding rural response area, including the Cherry Valley neighborhood and north-eastern part of the community of Duvall, WA.

Fire Station 167 is a 6,300 SF, single-story, gable roof, wood structure with storage mezzanine and mechanical platform. This station has a double apparatus bay with an attached office and living spaces.