Bremerton’s Fourth Street Revitalization

Steve Rice turned a visit to Brooklyn into a series of conversations with Bremerton and Kitsap County business leaders. Their goal: to search for the solution to bring an important city street back to life. Now, 18 months and a dozen community meetings later, 35 activists have formed the ad-hoc Fourth Street Action Group (4SAG), led by Steve Rice and SoundWest Group. SoundWest Group has purchased six buildings on Fourth Street and will begin construction Fall 2016 to renovate them into urban loft apartments and spot retail spaces centered around the iconic Roxy Theater.

Following 4SAG’s lead, the City has become a partner, redirecting Community Development Block Grant funds to help the efforts on Fourth Street. With public funds joining private, the Downtown Bremerton Association will now act as the funding recipient for a complete right-of-way redesign, featuring gathering space for music, dining, festivals and summer parties outside.The revitalization of Bremerton’s block of Fourth Street between Washington and Pacific Avenues will bring a “EVENTable, FLEXible, WALKable” center for people and businesses to the heart of downtown.