Rice Fergus Miller Boasts Certifications

Bremerton, WA- Recently 14 of Rice Fergus Miller’s 35 staff earned professional designations.

Steve Rice, Ron Easterday, Maurice Diaz, Shawn Dinkuhn, Erika Malpaya, Jeremy Southerland, Jeff Weis, Emily Winkels, Matt King, Bob Hutchinson, Craig Caliguiri and Howard Struve are all now LEED accredited professionals. In earning this designation, each has demonstrated a thorough understanding of green building principles, and work with clients to integrate those practices into the design of built projects.

Ron Easterday also earned a Construction Documents Technology (CDT) certificate from the Construction Specifications Institute, showing his comprehensive knowledge of writing and managing construction documents. Vincent Stanchina now holds an Interior Designer certificate from the State

of Minnesota. Monica Blackwood earned a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification, recognized by the Society for Human Resources Management.

Rice Fergus Miller an architecture, planning and interior design firm located in downtown Bremerton and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The firm can be reached at