Rice Fergus Miller Adds Three

Bremerton, WA—October 26, 2009

Rice Fergus Miller PLLC, has added three new staff members, bringing the firm’s

size to 35. Chris Lee is an interior designer specializing in original designs to improve the

world in which we live. With Starbucks, Chris contributed to the design of retail

interiors throughout the United States and Asia. His focus at Rice Fergus Miller will

be designs for senior housing and hospitality.

Jim Baurichter is an architect with over 10 years experience in the design of

ecclesiastical, school, senior housing and single family projects. Jim will focus on

the design and planning of community facilities.

Elin Headrick joins Rice Fergus Miller as Marketing Director. Elin will work with

architects, designers and the visualization lab to coordinate marketing and

business development eff orts.

Rice Fergus Miller is an Architecture, Planning and Interior Design fi rm located in

downtown Bremerton. The firm can be reached at