Phantom Restaurants: Off-site Profit Leaders

The current hotel restaurant model is unfortunately a profit loss in most cases. The kitchen, although able to serve double duty in providing for both the restaurant and the room service, takes up valuable square footage that could be better utilized. By removing the hotel restaurant from the immediate premises, the owner is able to re-imagine that space as a lobby coffee shop and bar or profit-generating event and meeting rooms.

The phantom restaurant concept is a standalone kitchen without a dining room, located in an area close enough to provide delivery to the hotel in a timely manner but with significantly lower rent. Utilizing a hotel’s software app, the guest can order food from anywhere on-site via their personal device and have it conveniently delivered to their location of choice.

Using a fraction of the space that was once used for the on-site kitchen, a transfer station would accommodate the delivery and reception of the prepared food. On one side of the wall, the delivery driver would place the items into drawers that would maintain the desired temperature of the food, either cold or hot as needed. On the other side of the wall inside the transfer station, a staff member would retrieve the ordered items from the drawers and deliver them to the guest’s desired location. Or, if preferred the guest could receive the delivery with the use of their mobile room key, thus reducing unnecessary contact between individuals.