Ecotope and Rice Fergus Miller Win First Place National ASHRAE Award

Firms honored for LEED Platinum Office & Studio in downtown Bremerton

(Bremerton, WA) June 19, 2013 — Rice Fergus Miller’s Office and Studio has been awarded one of the highest honors bestowed by the American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The architecture firm, in conjunction with mechanical engineer Ecotope, Inc., received one of six 2013 National Technology Awards for its LEED Platinum Office & Studio. The building was the only commercial renovation to receive an award.

The Rice Fergus Miller Office & Studio surpassed 24 finalists in the Puget Sound ASHRAE chapter to win the local 2012 Technology Award, going on to win at the regional level as well. National award recipients were selected from the first place winners among the 12 regional ASHRAE chapters in the U.S.

Through the National Technology Awards, ASHRAE recognizes the most outstanding buildings throughout the country engineered to not only be sustainable, but enhance surrounding communities through design. Each applicant meets ASHRAE standards for effective energy management, indoor air quality, and sound mechanical design.

“There is nothing more efficient than off. This building shows us that when a “Design for Off”approach is applied holistically, 80% energy savings and 70% water savings are achievable today at very little upcharge,” remarked Shawn Oram of Ecotope. He added, “When designers are able to control the loads in these buildings, we can begin to think differently about systems.”

By employing a variety of energy saving strategies, Rice Fergus Miller and Ecotope have reduced the Office & Studio’s energy consumption by almost 80 percent over the national average for office buildings, currently operating at a EUI of 19 kBtu/sf-yr. The building’s design elements include a 9.3 kW photovoltaic system; a nearly-ductless hybrid mechanical system that alerts occupants when windows can be opened; waste heat recovery from the server room; a 6,000-gallon rainwater storage, filtration and pumping system; and a digital dashboard for real-time monitoring of energy and water usage. Rice Fergus Miller transformed a derelict Sears Auto Center in downtown Bremerton into its LEED Platinum Office & Studio, which was the most passive building in the Pacific Northwest upon its completion in June 2011. Founded in 1987 and located in Bremerton, WA,

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